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Sugar Embargo: The Retrospective

28 Apr

Anyone remember me saying I was giving up sugar for Lent?


Okay, so this post is late. Easter is more than three weeks past, and lo, was the Cadbury Mini-Creme Egg massacre mighty that week. Continue reading

A Window into the Refuge: Should I be worried?

27 Apr

Scene: Kitchen

I’m reorganizing the fridge and putting away the groceries the Housemates brought home while they start dinner preparations. I remark on the large quantity of strawberries.

HM: Yeah, we need to eat those tonight. But on the plus side, it will give us an excuse to break out the squirty cream.

(NB: “Squirty cream” refers to whipped cream in an aerosol can, a la Reddi Whip. And Keegan is completely addicted to it.)

Continue reading

A Window into the Refuge: Early to bed…confuse the cat

10 Apr

On Thursday, I felt like shit all day. The moment my eyes opened that morning, shock waves raced over my skull. “That’s not a good sign for how the day’s going to go…” And then there were the waves of nausea throughout the day… And exhaustion, light-headedness… Continue reading

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