A Window into the Refuge: Should I be worried?

27 Apr

Scene: Kitchen

I’m reorganizing the fridge and putting away the groceries the Housemates brought home while they start dinner preparations. I remark on the large quantity of strawberries.

HM: Yeah, we need to eat those tonight. But on the plus side, it will give us an excuse to break out the squirty cream.

(NB: “Squirty cream” refers to whipped cream in an aerosol can, a la Reddi Whip. And Keegan is completely addicted to it.)

Keegan: *mau*

(We humans also find a certain evil joy in saying the words “squirty cream” just to make Keegan mau, because he is a shameless beggar. So we say the words a couple of times, just to torture him. Finally…)

Me (teasing): Keegan, mau once if you know what squirty cream is.

Keegan: *mau*

HM (joking): Keegan, mau twice if you know how to count.

Keegan: *mau* [pause] *mau*

…at which point the humans died laughing.

But more to the point: Should I be worried that my own personal Basement Cat can count? :-/


3 Responses to “A Window into the Refuge: Should I be worried?”

  1. GreyDuck 27 April 2010 at 21:42 #

    Of course Basement Cats can count.

    They need to keep track of all the human souls they’ll be stealing when the Day of Judgment comes!

  2. friendlysolarflare 28 April 2010 at 01:32 #

    I love this story, Keegan is a clever and lovely boy :o)

    Miro can tell the time +/- 5 minutes, he just wakes up when it’s time for him to eat.

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