Win/Win: Support celiac research/Get gluten-free diet help

28 May

(July 5 Update: As noted here, Uncommon Knowledge ended up donating $200 to the Maryland Center for Celiac Research. Way to go!)

This post is coming a bit late, but I’ve only recently learned that May, in addition to being Mental Health Awareness Month, is also Gluten-Free Awareness Month.

On Tuesday, Uncommon Knowledge officially released their new Stick to Your Gluten-Free Diet hypnosis download, an MP3 session designed to help celiacs and anyone else who needs or wants to follow a gluten-free/reduced gluten diet. The program is structured to boost your instinctive drive to avoid foods with gluten and to help you feel naturally driven to eat healthier, while also improving your feelings around having to stick to this special diet.

In addition, Unk are doing something incredible with this program. Through June 30th, all proceeds from the sale of the Gluten-Free Diet download will be donated to the Maryland Center for Celiac Research. And even if you can’t afford the low $12.95 price to buy the download, Unk are making it available for free so that everyone who needs to stick to a gluten-free diet can get help doing so.¹ (If you are able, please pay for it and support the cause.)

This is a near-and-dear issue for Unk, as one of the company’s co-founders, Roger Elliott, is himself a celiac and has incorporated his own strategies for remaining gluten-free into the program’s script. (And he’s the one who recorded the program. If you want to hear a gorgeous Scot accent and one of the most talented hypnotherapists I know, you really can’t go wrong with any of Roger’s recordings.²) Roger also runs the Celiac Travel website to provide interested parties with tips, gluten-free recipes, and free restaurant cards in multiple languages (he even has “an app for that”).

I know how annoying it can be just avoiding MSG and how tempting it can sometimes be to eat food I know will make me sick, either because I don’t want the hassle of bothering the server or explaining why I can’t eat it, or because it looks/sounds/smells/tastes so good. There are times I give in and eat (or don’t realize MSG is involved), only to suffer the consequences later. So when tempted not to bother asking or to go ahead and eat a known danger food, I’ve found it useful to stop and make myself remember what I’m inviting to happen, what I’ll go through later that night. When I ask myself, “Is it worth it?”, the answer is “No” 99.5% of the time.

I also know how much more pervasive gluten is in modern food, making it difficult to avoid. How food manufacturers excel at skirting regulations, not to mention the issue of ingredients and clear labelling. And many gluten-containing foods are so yummy! Intolerant or not, anyone can use a little help with motivation to persevere and protect your well-being.

All MP3s are spoken-word hypnosis sessions with no background music or new-agey ocean sounds; nor are they subliminal recordings. The content is always based on the latest scientific understanding of conversational hypnosis and the most effective techniques to encourage the desired change(s). If you have any questions or reservations about hypnosis, feel free to leave a Comment or Contact Me. Of course, you can also always contact the amazingly helpful and responsive Unk staff at their website or on Facebook (where they’re still offering a free hypnosis download to everyone who “Likes” the page).

1 I have to say that this is one of the reasons I first “fell in love” with this company three years ago. When they introduced their category of downloads for cancer patients, they decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of those programs to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. (My one regret is that I found them so long after my parents’ cancer battles.) In addition, any cancer patient who cannot afford the downloads has the option of contacting Unk to receive the programs for free. This attitude of caring generosity for their fellow humans, of truly working to make a positive difference in the lives of others, is precisely the kind of thing that made me say, “I want to be involved with this company. Somehow, some way.” So please remember that when I talk up their work, it’s not as copy editor, but as someone who deeply and genuinely admires the company, the work they do, and the people who are a part of it all.
2 To be fair, you can’t go wrong with any of Mark’s recordings in his lovely English accent, either.

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