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Support Net Neutrality

15 Jun

I just posted this over on, and thought I’d also share it here.

The Internet is Essential to the Global Community

Without the Internet, I would not know most of the people in my life whom I now consider irreplaSign our petition to save the Internet! SaveTheInternet.comceable. I met my housemates online, I met dear friends online, I reconnected with family I barely knew thanks to the Internet.

I have taken online psychology courses from a small (seven-member staff) company in Scotland, increasing my own skill base. I also make part of my income doing copy editing for that same company. A company that has had an enormous impact on my professional and personal development, as well as a positive impact on the lives of many others. A company I would never have found without Net Neutrality, as I doubt they would have been able to pay the “gatekeepers” to get their website seen.
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