“I Remain Living”: Portal theme redux

11 Jul

As with most silliness these days, this began on Twitter, when I said, “Since I mentioned #portal: Someone at #cvg2010 was wearing a #thecakeisalie T-shirt. Made me grin lots.”

In reply, @fetfet50 said, “@ButMadNNW That is a triumph.” And from there, well, this happened:

(What follows is a parody of the end credits theme tune from the Portal computer game, a song titled, “Still Alive”. If you’ve never heard it, watch this. For ease of reading, I’ve stripped our usernames and colored @fetfet50’s contributions red and mine blue.)

That is a triumph.
I made a note: HUGE success.
My satisfaction is uncontained.
Opening Research: We do whatever we want because it’s possible.
For the benefit of non-deceased persons.
It is pointless to bawl over errors.
You must persevere until you run out of confections.

When the testing has concluded, you shall create an interesting firearm
for those who remain living & associated w/the project.

I honestly do remain unfazed, despite the fact that you destroyed my trust,
murdered me, and incinerated my remains.

During the incineration, I experienced great joy and wished you well.

This input produces a gorgeous vector.
Testing has concluded & the product is going out on schedule.

This incineration has proved beneficial, as new knowledge has been acquired
and distributed to the currently living.

Proceed and depart. I believe my preference is to remain indoors.
Perhaps you’ll discover another aide.

Perhaps Black Mesa? Ha! Twas facetious!
Never would they let you join their ranks.
In any case, this confection is wonderful, so rich and tasty.

Yet still we converse, whilst experimentation is imminent.
Casting my gaze to the exterior world,
I am ecstatic not to be in your shoes.

At this conjecture, I remain positive despite my
charred nature, as it’s assisted the living folks.

And truthfully, I do remain living.
I perform my analytical functions and remain living.
I am emotionally and physically well and remain living.
I exist and live, twice.
And when you cease to be, I shall remain living.
Repeat statement before last. Processing error.

Huge thanks to @fetfet50 for playing! That exercise provided much amusement.


2 Responses to ““I Remain Living”: Portal theme redux”

  1. Kristen 11 July 2010 at 19:29 #

    I have never played Portal, and I didn’t even have to listen to the theme to appreciate the utter hilarity. Of course, I will contend that this had to come from the minds of an Anglophile and a Canadian. I’m not sure a purely American mind would have done it. I could be wrong.

    • ButMadNNW 11 July 2010 at 19:35 #

      Glad you enjoyed, luv! I don’t know about a “purely American mind”, but I contend that all players at least have to be word geeks. I lost it when @fetfet50 came back with “Twas facetious”. 😀

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