Chevron Cars Rev Up the Hunt for a Cure

8 Oct

In 2003, I’d just started working at my first post-university office job when Breast Cancer Awareness Month rolled around. I got a roll of pink ribbon and some safety pins from the store and attached a cup full of handmade pink ribbon pins to the wall outside my office door, inviting my coworkers to take and wear one.

One day, I got to work to find Hope sitting in my chair:

Hope 2003I never did find out who left me Hope, but every October since then, I’ve hunted down the Chevron Breast Cancer Awareness Car, either online or by pestering Chevron station clerks. All net proceeds from the sale of these über-cute special edition toy cars go towards promoting the early detection of breast cancer. Being limited editions, most of the cars are no longer available, but you can still view them on the Chevron Cars site.

So far, the series has included Hope (2001, 2002, 2003), Faith (2004), Cherish (2005), Promise (2006), Courage (2007), Spirit (2008), and Devotion (2009).

This year’s car is the 10th in the series, Harmonee:

Harmonee 2010(click her image for her online store page)

They might be a silly thing to collect, but they’re so cute, make me smile, and benefit the cause. So why not?

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