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Holiday Storytelling at the Refuge!

1 Dec

Blame @wombat37 for this one. He did this:

…which inspired me to embark upon a similar project. Since Wombat has the musical side covered (do follow his tweets or boos for more!), I thought I’d do a series of holiday-themed readings (English degree, remember?). There will be some poetry, some excerpts from classic stories, perhaps even a couple “multi-episode” readings for the really special stories. If you have any requests or suggestions, please share! Try to stick to public domain material, so I don’t have to worry about copyright (a couple of exceptions will be made, that I think will be covered under Fair Use).

Without further ado, we begin with a poem near and dear to my family, what with my brother-in-law being a U.S. Marine up until his retirement six months ago:

Merry Christmas, My Friend
by LCpl James M. Schmidt
(Original version, 1991)

If you cannot see the player above, click here.

1) The common Marine exclamation of “Semper fi” is short for “Semper fidelis”, the motto of the Corps. The Latin translates to “Always faithful”.
2) “Eagle, globe, and anchor”.