Unapologetic Randomness

6 Mar

I know I’ve used the phrase “unapologetic randomness” at least once before here in The Refuge. It stems from an email exchange just over three years ago in which I said, “Sorry, this email seems to be a bit random,” and my friend wrote back, “Don’t apologize for randomness.” It’s quite a relief to be told something like that: “It’s okay. You can relax and be you, and I’ll still like that.”

Since then, “unapologetic randomness” has become one of my personal mottoes. Which explains a lot about this blog.

I know all the so-called blogging experts say that a blog should be focused on one particular subject. By their rules, you’re allowed to have a cooking blog or a health and humor blog or a psychology blog or a blog about the interesting shapes your dryer lint forms. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone give “permission” for there to be a jumbled up, random blog.

I actually do have a second blog specifically for HousemateF’s and my crafting (knitting, crocheting, sewing). It started with the mission of documenting her steps in creating a CONvergence costume, but when we started needing a place to post patterns for submission to Ravelry, the blog morphed.

The problem, as I see it, is that I’ve never been very good at being one-dimensional. I will certainly obsess about one game, film, book, or subject for a long time, but then my attention will shift to the next obsession and the one after that. Right now, I’m juggling interest in psychology, hypnosis, knitting, film, gaming, and various other topics. If I had to maintain separate blogs for each of those…well, I shudder to think. I’d have six or a dozen blogs scattered across cyberspace, each only being updated once in a blue moon as the particular topic tickled me. And anyone who’s paid any attention to this blog will know that I have enough trouble posting regular updates to one.

So this is a potentially new species of blog: the Unapologetic Randomness blog. As you know from experience, dear readers who have been here at least once before, there will be psychology-related posts, I will talk about hypnosis quite a lot, I will occasionally rant about the state of politics (though I tend to keep those locked away in my Facebook), maybe talk about my cats…whatever strikes my fancy. Because that is who I am: a Jill of many trades, a woman of many passions.

You are welcome to ride the roller coaster with me. Just ignore the posts that don’t interest you; or don’t, and maybe learn something new.

Although given that I seem to have a constant audience of maybe 10, three of whom have commented more than once, I figure I’m mostly talking to myself and therefore free to natter on as I wish and just hope that someone somewhere is entertained, amused, or educated. I’m even okay with you being bemused. It’s far more important to me to be writing because I have something I want to say; if someone else also happens to read it… Hi. How are you? Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment. I don’t bite.

Going forward, I’m pondering the possibility of taking a couple of topics that have generated interest and making them more regular, just to bring a semblance of structure into the madness. Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Unapologetic Randomness”

  1. Iota 11 March 2011 at 21:22 #

    I like ‘unapologetic randomness’. Life is random.

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