21 Mar

As I’m starting this entry, the #1 worldwide trending topic on Twitter is #100factsaboutme. Sure, why not?

  1. I just finished my “autobiographical statement” for the application for my re-entry into grad school, so am doing this as a change of pace.
  2. If I’m accepted, I’ll be studying Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT)/Counseling Psychology.
  3. I’d love to work with LGBTQ youth – and geeks.
  4. I have training in how to perform hypnosis.
  5. I plan to use hypnotherapy in my future MFT practice.
  6. I differentiate between the words “hypnotist” (as “someone who knows how to do hypnosis”) and “hypnotherapist” (as “someone who knows how to do hypnosis and is trained and licensed to do therapy”). I firmly believe that if you just want to relax or be in a stage show, you’re fine with the former, but if you need help with a problem, don’t let the former muck about in your mind.
  7. To date, I have edited 135 articles for UncommonHelp.me.
  8. I have naturally curly, naturally blonde hair.
  9. I know that because the words come from French, “blonde” is the appropriate adjective for female and “blond” for male. The “e” is added to feminine nouns’ adjectives in French.
  10. I’m trying to learn French…
  11. Because I want to emigrate to the UK but not be a “typical” monolingual American who thinks English should be good enough for everyone, despite the fact that…
  12. My BA is in English.
  13. In the course of my BA studies, I earned credits from five different schools.
  14. My BA was conferred seven and a half years after I graduated high school.
  15. But I was not in college that entire time, though I did start college the autumn after I graduated high school.
  16. I have one sister,
  17. One brother-in-law,
  18. And one nephew,
  19. But two cats.
  20. I am 32 years old.
  21. I am single.
  22. I am 5’5″ tall, making me the tallest woman in my immediate family.
  23. My favorite place in the world is London, England.
  24. My favorite place in the world that’s not a city is Disneyland.
  25. I know that Disneyland is in California and is also known as “The Happiest Place on Earth”, while Walt Disney World is in Florida and is also known as “The Magic Kingdom”. (Walt Disney World was opened the same year my sister was born, which isn’t actually a fact about me, so I’m tacking it on here.)
  26. I was a Disneyland Annual Passholder for ten of the thirteen years I lived in California.
  27. As a result, I could often answer questions that Cast Members couldn’t.
  28. I’m going to get a new Annual Pass as soon as I can after returning to California in May.
  29. Because Disneyland is one of the top things I miss about California.
  30. I got up at 5:30 AM to drive from Oceanside to Hollywood to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End at a special Annual Passholders screening at the El Capitan Theatre.
  31. With any luck, I’ll be seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at the El Capitan this summer.
  32. My favorite Disney character is Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.
  33. My previous favorite Disney character was Eeyore.
  34. When we were growing up, my sister called me “Squirt”.
  35. When I found out Crush the turtle’s son’s name was “Squirt”, I squeed. (Finding Nemo)
  36. Before he could pronounce my name, Nephew called me “E”.
  37. I believe there is no sound more heart-wrenching than hearing your almost-three-year-old nephew screaming, “Eeee! Eeeee!” through a crowded airport as he’s realizing you’re leaving, even though he can’t quite conceptualize how far away London is or how long three and a half months are.
  38. I spent a semester of my BA studies in London.
  39. During that semester, I rode the ferry across the English Channel twice (once in each direction) and got to see the famous “white cliffs of Dover”.
  40. I’m pretty sure I was the only American student on the ferry to have any idea why the white cliffs were at all famous.
  41. I’m also pretty sure I was the only one overly amused by the fact that, because of the time difference, our ferry landed at Dover 15 minutes before we’d left France.
  42. For those three and a half months, I lived with a family in Golders Green (Zone 3 on the Underground map).
  43. While I was away, I missed Nephew’s third birthday.
  44. So I bought a cake to share with my London hosts and the other American student in the house.
  45. I experienced an earthquake in London on Nephew’s third birthday.
  46. I credit that earthquake with my being able to take a holiday to Disneyland Paris, as I found the advert for a great affordable package in the back of the paper I bought for no other reason than that I wanted tangible proof that there’d been an earthquake in London. Front page headline read, “QUAKE ROCKS BRITAIN” (melodramatic much?).
  47. One of the most fun things in the world is buying/making gifts for the people I love.
  48. But for some reason, I find my mother extremely hard to shop for.
  49. I’ve been to the UK five times.
  50. I’ve been to France twice.
  51. I’ve been to Mexico once.
  52. I’ve been to Canada once.
  53. When my family visited Canada, I was very young and burst out crying because I couldn’t understand the Japanese tourists. I’d never before heard anyone speaking a language other than English and I thought there was something wrong with me.
  54. I was so young on that trip that the smallest poncho at Niagara Falls was still way too big on me.
  55. I cried when Dad’s hat got swept off his head by the wind and drowned in the Falls.
  56. However, I think I laughed when – due to a faulty latch on the camper trailer – my sister’s sleeping bag was lost over the edge of Mackinac Bridge.
  57. I believe Mackinac Island fudge is the best fudge in the world.
  58. I don’t “understand” the substance that passes for fudge in the UK.
  59. Though I firmly believe that British Kit Kats (Brit Kats) are better than the ones available in the US.
  60. I’ve worn glasses for near-sightedness since about 7th grade.
  61. I alphabetize my fiction books by author last name and group my nonfiction books by subject.
  62. I’d blame this on my first “real” job as a library page if I hadn’t alphabetized my books long before I ever held that job.
  63. I have an entire shelf devoted to psychology-related books. (Or I did before I packed my books for the move; whether I’ll be able to do that in my sister’s house remains to be seen.)
  64. I mostly play Toon Town Online as a monkey Toon named Captain Sparklepoof. She currently has 114 Laff (health) Points.
  65. I started playing TTO to spend time with Nephew.
  66. I kept playing because I enjoy it.
  67. I firmly believe adults can enjoy TTO even more than kids because of the kinds of Cogs (robots) you fight. We actually know “Micromanagers” and “Loan Sharks” and “Ambulance Chasers” and “Cold Callers”.
  68. I inherited my father’s pet peeve about the consistent misuse of the word “decimation”, which means “to reduce by a tenth” but is often used to mean “to destroy completely”.
  69. When the Master on Doctor Who suggested the idea of decimating the population, I cringed.
  70. When his next line was the command, “Remove one tenth of the population”, I cheered.
  71. I have Bo Burnham running in my mind’s ear right now.
  72. I hate packing to move.
  73. And yet I’ve moved so much in my life, I start feeling a bit weird if I stay in one place more than a couple years.
  74. Although I think I’d quite like to settle down somewhere.
  75. I have three friends I consider to be my “best” friends. One lives in London, one in New York, and one here in Minnesota. So when I move back to California, they’ll all be thousands of miles away.
  76. I have pierced ears (one hole each ear) but almost never wear earrings.
  77. I have no tattoos, but have thought about it.
  78. Right now, my greatest hesitation in getting a tattoo isn’t the needle or the quandary of choosing one design to be permanently attached to my body; it’s the idea that I then wouldn’t be able to donate blood for a year.
  79. I’ve donated blood four times, every eight weeks on the dot since 16 September 2010. My second donation fell on Veterans Day, which I thought was a great date for donating.
  80. When my father said he’d be leaving California on 27 April to come pick up me and my stuff for the move, I deemed this fantastic news because I’m next eligible to donate blood on 28 April, so I’ll still be able to do that and be fine to load the trailer on the 30th. (You’re not supposed to do heavy lifting or exercise the day you donate.)
  81. Very soon after deciding to move back to California, I ran two Google searches: for yarn stores and blood donation centers. I won’t lie to you; because of where my family lives, it’s looking a bit grim for both.
  82. I knit.
  83. Since re-learning to knit around Halloween 2009, I have completed twenty projects. I’ve kept four of them for myself, but hate one of those and never use it.
  84. I wear a US 10 shoe.
  85. I have a small scar on my left foot from scraping said foot on the ladder of my high school’s swimming pool.
  86. I didn’t properly learn how to swim until high school.
  87. I’m a mimic and pick up others’ speech patterns and phrases very quickly.
  88. Because of this, I speak in fluent British English (the slang and terms, not necessarily the accent) when in the UK or around English people.
  89. I don’t always realize I’m doing this.
  90. Due to my editing work for a UK company, I slip in and out of UK/US spellings and don’t always realise when I get a word “wrong”. (Okay, I’ll admit I spelt “realize” with an S there just to make the point. 😉 )
  91. I almost never carry cash.
  92. I usually have to share my pillow with Chaucer, my ginger tabby cat. (Either that, or he allows me to sleep on his pillow. I’m never sure which.)
  93. I own an acoustic, steel string guitar.
  94. I even know how to play it.
  95. But I’m rubbish with chords.
  96. I’m a night owl and have always had trouble waking up in the morning, no matter how much sleep I get.
  97. I decided years ago to stop having regrets. To regret anything from my past is to regret the person I’ve become because of it.
  98. One of my favorite words is “moot”.
  99. The first CD I ever owned was the soundtrack from The Lion King. The last two albums I bought were the soundtracks from Inception and The King’s Speech.
  100. I really wish I could think of something profound/astonishing/shocking for #100, but I can’t.

2 Responses to “#100factsaboutme”

  1. Maxine Hall 21 March 2011 at 11:33 #

    For your information although we are living in a distant land away from “civilization” we have blood donor vehicles who come and park at the hospital or other parking lots to gather blood from donors. The radio and hospital announces their presence. Your Mom

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