Welcome to the Refuge from Reality, AKA the Asylum. Ever since my first website on an AOL template back in 1998, I’ve used the name Refuge from Reality, and I’ve always meant “Asylum” by both definitions: the Refuge is a place to be insane in a safe environment and to take cover from the insanity out there in Reality. This may manifest in my ranting against that insanity somehow, but otherwise, Reality may not have much place here. If you want that, go outside. 😉

I can’t promise a unified theme for this blog (or my life, honestly). I am quintessentially random and become wildly obsessed with a certain theme/hobby/idea/game/film for months, then move on to something else. Not quite Short Attention Span Theatre, but there is an element of “Ooh, shiny!” (Though some things never go away.)

There are also certain names that will pop up on a regular basis, so rather than explaining who these people in my life are every time, I direct you to the Refuge Roster, where the standing dramatis personae will be itemized. Probably alphabetically, because I’m just that anal. And if you want to know more about me specifically, there’s an app page for that, too.

Welcome to the randomness. Buckle in and hang on tight.

Header photograph: Lewes Castle, Lewes, England; ©2008 Rebekah Hall

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