Caveat / Disclaimer

All contents of this blog are solely my own thoughts, opinions, and ramblings and do not reflect the thoughts, opinions, or ramblings of anyone else (unless I’m citing a direct quote from someone, in which case that quote alone is their thought/opinion/rambling). Nothing I say here is paid for, endorsed by, or otherwise reflects the thoughts, opinions, stance, or policy of anyone other than me – not my employers, not the sites I link to, not companies I mention, no one and nothing but me. Any fault in interpretation of data, articles cited, or other information is mine alone. All endorsement of any product is unpaid and exists solely because I think that product is awesome and I wanted to share.

All photographs are my copyrighted work unless otherwise noted. All videos posted are the copyrighted work of the person who uploaded them to YouTube/wherever (unless they reposted someone else’s video; point is, I’m not claiming ownership of any video that’s not on my channel – and even of those, I only claim ownership of what’s obviously completely my work. Be sensible.).

I make no money from this blog or anything posted here and am doing this simply because I feel like it.

Your mileage may vary.

These are real people, not actors.

4 out of 5 dentists completely ignore this blog. The remaining dentist has no Internet connection.


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