Refuge Roster

This list is probably incomplete and will be updated as needed.

Brother-in-law (BIL) – Married to my sister since 1991 (they were high school sweethearts), and the only one of her boyfriends (not that she had a lot) that I supported as marriage candidate – or even dating candidate, come to that. He is literally the big brother I never had; between the two of us, we know where all of Sister’s buttons are and push them gleefully. Retired Marine, gamer, geek, and the sweetest, most charismatic bloke you’ve ever met.

Chaucer & Keegan (Furboys) – I’m a dog person in the current employ of two cats (bit of a long story). Keegan, who’s my younger furson but “first born”, was given the Irish Gaelic name for his determined personality. Adopted a week later, Chaucer was named for the poet after I found him curled up on the bottom shelf of a set of bookshelves (Geoff was the first literary figure to spring to mind).

Housemate, Female (HousemateF or HF) – One of my best friends, ever. We met online in 2006 due to a shared love of V for Vendetta, and as soon as I started talking to her online, I knew we were going to be friends for a while – this is unusual for me, and I may go into that sometime. We’ve been living together since April 2007, first in California and now here in Minnesota. She’s a teacher, a screenwriter, a beader, a crocheter, and almost as random as I am.

Housemate, Male (HousemateM or HM) – HF’s husband. Due to the housing crash, he wasn’t able to follow her out to California, which is how I came to be living with her (she needed a housemate, I needed a place to live). He graciously invited me to move back to Minnesota with HF, figuring I’d have an easier time finding employment. Works in IT, makes up words, and if you say, “Hey, I’ve got a question,” he may reply, “Cleveland.” Also, he’s a good cook and an insane punster.

Iseult – Yes, I have several best friends. This one lives in New York. I don’t get to see her near enough.

Leda – London-based best friend. See above. I fully admit that it sucks not getting to see my friends as much as I’d like, but at the same time, we’re talking about awesome people I can’t figure out how I lived without. And when I do get to see them…!! Somehow it balances out.

Mark & Roger – Co-founders of Uncommon Knowledge and I first stumbled across their websites back in May 2007 and quickly became a big fan of and advocate for their work as it reawakened my interest in psychology and hypnosis. Two years later, I started working with them as copy editor for their latest website, Dream job? Yup.

Mom & Dad – My parents are both retired pastors. Going forward, this will explain a lot and probably also cause some WTF moments about me. The thing is, they’re also liberal, intelligent, rational people who encouraged Sister and me to question and think for ourselves. It kind of backfired on them in my case, though. LOL

Nephew – My nephew. I adore him. I have no intention of having kids, but I love being an aunt. I was essentially his secondary caregiver in the early years, as I was living with him and Sister while BIL was deployed. We still play together, even 2000 miles apart, thanks to Toon Town Online.

Sister – Predictably, my older sister (by 7 years). Married to BIL and mother of Nephew (obviously!), licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), and another of my best friends. We’ve always been very close, which rocks. She does, however, drive me insane at times, but I return the favor, so it works out. And that’s what sisters are for, anyway.

NB: My family all live in California.

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