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I Miss My Grandma

25 Aug

I walked into the bathroom earlier to see that Nephew has been filling in a puzzle in the crossword book I keep in there. It’s a habit I picked up from my grandma, my mom’s mom. She always had a puzzle book in the upstairs bathroom of her house. Sister and I would often start working on one of her puzzles during a visit and carry the book into the bedroom we shared, where between the two of us, we’d end up completing the book before the end of our visit. Poor Grandma; I wonder how many new books we made her start that way.

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21 Mar

As I’m starting this entry, the #1 worldwide trending topic on Twitter is #100factsaboutme. Sure, why not?

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What can’t you say no to? (via The Daily Post at

1 Mar

Free cookies.

Topic #60 Brought to you by What can’t you say no to? What things are impossible for you to turn down, at work, at home, at play? … Read More

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When teleportation is finally possible…

3 Feb

…is today’s writing prompt from the Daily Post blog, set in place by WordPress to encourage the PostADay/PostAWeek challenge participants. I opted for PostAWeek, because if you’ve been following this blog at all, you know I have trouble sticking with daily posts even for a month, let alone a year. And I still haven’t managed to post every week. Oy.

Anyway, to the topic.

When teleportation is finally possible, of course I’m going to the UK – and not coming back, except to move my belongings and sometimes visit family/friends. You follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or here. You already knew the answer to this question. 😉

I have to agree here with my one of my LJ friends, who always complains about the binary questions on offer through their “Writer’s Block” prompts. “Where will you beam yourself first?” isn’t necessarily binary, but it can be answered in a word or two. It’s hardly a writing prompt.

“I Remain Living”: Portal theme redux

11 Jul

As with most silliness these days, this began on Twitter, when I said, “Since I mentioned #portal: Someone at #cvg2010 was wearing a #thecakeisalie T-shirt. Made me grin lots.”

In reply, @fetfet50 said, “@ButMadNNW That is a triumph.” And from there, well, this happened:

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Geesh, journalists

26 May

Why do they feel the need to write over-complicated sentences? I just saw this as the top story on my Yahoo! Mail page:

“Art Linkletter, who as the gently mischievous host of TV’s ‘People Are Funny’ and ‘House Party’ in the 1950s and ’60s delighted viewers with his ability to get kids — and grownups — to say the darndest things on national television, died Wednesday. He was 97.”

Aw, sad news. (And I apologize to anyone who objects to me grammar-nazi’ing such a story.) But EditorBrain™ spoke up: Continue reading

Whatevering to a different drummer

21 May

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” ~ Lao Tzu

In many ways, I function better with a soundtrack.

Almost from the moment I first climbed behind the wheel of a car (okay, after I gained enough competency to fool the state of Wisconsin into giving me a piece of plastic with my name and photo on it), I noticed that I am a better driver when there’s music playing. Continue reading

Batman v. Superman

18 May

Whilst checking my e-mail at lunch, I saw that one of my friends had, as the LiveJournal email stated, “posted a new entry titled ‘Batman or Superman?’.” (The link doesn’t go to his LJ, because… well, why should it when there’s a non-LJ link to provide?)

I had such fun crafting my comment to GreyDuck’s entry (er, on LJ, backtracking on my own sentiment above) that I thought I’d share it over here: Continue reading

A day of good news

13 May

Yeah, so much for the “daily” bit in my MHAM goal, huh? Well, I’ve been busy – and really tired lately. I’ve been going to bed earlier than usual the last few days, often because I fell asleep in the early evening while reading or watching TV and took that as a sign.


Two really great bits of good news today:

  1. Found out that my current temp job is going to extend my contract through October now! Yay for consistency, a regular schedule, routine, predictability! And – even more so – YAY for getting to stay at a workplace that I’m actually quite enjoying – friendly people, nice atmosphere, feeling appreciated…
  2. Today was Brother-in-Law’s last day as a U.S. Marine! He is officially retired! His retirement ceremony isn’t until June 2, but today was his last day of work. Halle-freakin’-lujah.

That’s it. Just wanted to share those two tidbits. 🙂 Need to get some work done tonight, but with any luck I’ll resume the MHAM series, too.

Frizztastic Shakespeare

5 May

(Okay, okay, my hair’s not that frizzy.)

This is a bit of an experiment on my part – since I’ve never before recorded myself like this – as well as being an exercise in speaking/presenting. Strictly speaking, it’s not psychology-related; and yet it is, as an exercise in expressive speaking for the online course I’m currently taking Continue reading

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