Exploring Trance, run by Joseph Kao, offers video mini-lectures on hypnosis and free MP3 hypnosis downloads from the head scriptwriter of and co-trainer on Uncommon Knowledge’s excellent Precision Hypnosis course. Joe is a fantastic trainer, entertaining presenter, and talented hypnotherapist. offers an ever-growing library of top quality hypnosis MP3s and scripts covering a wide range of psychological and personal development issues. Sign up for their free 5-session email course to learn more about hypnosis!

No Kidding? Me Too! is an organization set up by Joe Pantoliano with the mission to “stomp the stigma” attached to mental dis-ease by getting people talking and realizing they’re not alone in this. “No kidding? You have that? Me too!”

Richard Wiseman posts regularly to his blog with entries on quirky psychology, magic, and mindbending puzzles.

Uncommon Knowledge are single-handedly responsible for reawakening my interest in psychology and deepening my lifelong fascination with hypnosis. This UK-based company offers straightforward, down-to-earth psychology articles and online training. You can receive a free hypnosis MP3 to try simply by becoming their fan on Facebook. provides self-help guidance on a growing range of topics via articles written by Mark Tyrrell, copy edited by yours truly, and often augmented by a free brief audio session.

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