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Holiday Storytelling: Wrapping Presents with a Cat

12 Dec

Just ignore the fact that this post is appearing on the 23rd and not the 12th as it claims, and accept that you’ve just taken a ride in the TARDIS. 😉

Wrapping Presents with a Cat


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Mooch & Little Pink Sock for Breast Cancer

25 Oct

© 2010 Patrick McDonnell / Reposted, I suppose, without permission (but only because it was too good not to share!)

If you haven’t yet, click on over to ComicsGoPink.com to see all the strips that went pink two weeks ago to raise breast cancer awareness!

A Window into the Refuge: Should I be worried?

27 Apr

Scene: Kitchen

I’m reorganizing the fridge and putting away the groceries the Housemates brought home while they start dinner preparations. I remark on the large quantity of strawberries.

HM: Yeah, we need to eat those tonight. But on the plus side, it will give us an excuse to break out the squirty cream.

(NB: “Squirty cream” refers to whipped cream in an aerosol can, a la Reddi Whip. And Keegan is completely addicted to it.)

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A Window into the Refuge: Early to bed…confuse the cat

10 Apr

On Thursday, I felt like shit all day. The moment my eyes opened that morning, shock waves raced over my skull. “That’s not a good sign for how the day’s going to go…” And then there were the waves of nausea throughout the day… And exhaustion, light-headedness… Continue reading

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