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Would You Stop Acting Your Age? (via Health and Humor)

27 Feb

Reblogging an awesome post that reflects a lot of my own thoughts as a 32-year-old woman who unapologetically loves Disneyland, watches cartoons, and plays with my 11-year-old nephew.

Also put me in mind of the research conducted by psychologist Ellen Langer where she put a group of elderly men in an isolated house decorated in a style from twenty years earlier. The men were instructed to act as though the date was that time, twenty years ago. As described here, the men’s health – both physical and mental – markedly improved after only a week!

“You’re only as old as you feel.”  That saying has been around a lot longer than any of us.  It’s a statement of rebellion against time and the effect it has on us all.  It’s a refusal to give in.  It’s an excuse for not acting our age.  And why should we?  After all, age is just a number – does it have to be a state of mind? A few days ago my grandson was being pretty silly, making noises and just generally acting up.  I finally looked at him an … Read More

via Health and Humor

Edited to add: This is a fantastic quote!:

The cake is…

22 Jan

This being the Saturday after my birthday, I’d invited a bunch of friends to lunch. And I wanted cake for later. So on my actual birthday (Thursday), I went to the grocery store and ordered a cake.

This morning, I picked it up:

Finding Nemo Cake

Isn’t it cute? Yes, that is a Finding Nemo cake. Yes, I am a Disneyphile.

Stopping at home only long enough to leave the cake on the kitchen counter and pick up HousemateF, I went off for a very fun and very long (due to the kitchen losing our ticket, so without realizing it, we sat and gabbed for at least an hour before our chef came out) lunch with a wonderful group of geeky, fantastic friends. Including one who drove over from Wisconsin just to attend!

Back at home and debriefing HousemateM about the fun and gifts, I heard HF in the kitchen say, “Um… this isn’t the same cake?” On the counter, in the same spot, in a box from the same store, was sitting:

The cake is a lie!

HM lived up to his reputation as an Evil Genius. As soon as I’d ordered my cake, he called the store and ordered this one (I wish I could’ve heard that conversation!). As soon as he was sure we’d left for lunch, he went to pick it up. He hid my cake and left this one in its place.

In short, he gets major Housemate Points, Geek Points, and “Boy, does he know me” Points.

A crocheted Eleventh Doctor, a TARDIS tea mug, a Toon Town Online virtual party with Sister and Nephew, a gift certificate for “crack” (e.g. my favorite yarn store), a great lunch with great friends, etc. etc. etc. And this.

This has been a good birthday.

ETA: Just in case you don’t “get” the second cake, see here.

The Snow Plow

20 Jan

I posted this to my LiveJournal on this day last year, but I no longer really use LJ and a lot of you reading this now didn’t know me a year ago, so I thought I’d repost. If for no other reason than: It’s my birthday and I’ll post if I want to! 😉

One of my favorite stories of my childhood didn’t happen during my childhood, but a week or so before my actual birth day. Obviously, my parents tell it much better than I do, since they were there and all; but I’ll do my best. (And hope that Mom and Dad forgive the errors.)

Before I get into the story, thanks to everyone who’s already wished me a happy day and advance thanks to those who will as the day goes on (this is not an attempt to “guilt” anyone into saying the words; I’m just saying). And now, without further ado:

Grand Rapids, Michigan, January 1979
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Holiday Storytelling: Santa’s Flight Exam

20 Dec

This is awful, sorry.

Santa’s Flight Exam

Or click here.

Holiday Storytelling: Wrapping Presents with Dogs

13 Dec

In the interests of equal opportunity laughter…

Wrapping Presents with Dogs

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Holiday Storytelling: Wrapping Presents with a Cat

12 Dec

Just ignore the fact that this post is appearing on the 23rd and not the 12th as it claims, and accept that you’ve just taken a ride in the TARDIS. 😉

Wrapping Presents with a Cat


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Holiday Storytelling: Christmas Rum Cake

10 Dec

Okay, so not a story per se, but thank [insert deity of choice] for the Internet! My mother used to have this recipe on a sheet of paper that would float about the house, turning up at the oddest times. That said, we haven’t seen it in years, so I was thrilled to find this old family favorite on the web.

An odd choice to read, perhaps, but I just had to share. Enjoy!

Christmas Rum Cake

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“I Remain Living”: Portal theme redux

11 Jul

As with most silliness these days, this began on Twitter, when I said, “Since I mentioned #portal: Someone at #cvg2010 was wearing a #thecakeisalie T-shirt. Made me grin lots.”

In reply, @fetfet50 said, “@ButMadNNW That is a triumph.” And from there, well, this happened:

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Staying sane in insane situations

2 May

I did have a Very Serious™ psychology-related topic about which I was going to post today, but then I got completely distracted watching YouTube videos of dancing soldiers Continue reading

A Window into the Refuge: Should I be worried?

27 Apr

Scene: Kitchen

I’m reorganizing the fridge and putting away the groceries the Housemates brought home while they start dinner preparations. I remark on the large quantity of strawberries.

HM: Yeah, we need to eat those tonight. But on the plus side, it will give us an excuse to break out the squirty cream.

(NB: “Squirty cream” refers to whipped cream in an aerosol can, a la Reddi Whip. And Keegan is completely addicted to it.)

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