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A Thank You from the CARDIS

24 Jun

Wow. Look at that. Can you believe my pilot made me live in that cold? I'm a desert car, y'know! It's so great to be back home!

HI! This is the CARDIS (stands for Chronology And Relative Dimension In Space). I understand at least one person was disappointed that there wasn’t a picture of me in the call for help posted by ButMadNNW, so I thought I’d take a moment to thank you personally.

My pilot and I are both positively gobsmacked at the generosity of the donors who commissioned knitting or gave without expecting anything in return in order to keep us together. In just over a day and a half, you’ve exceeded the minimum we need to keep the monsters at bay. You have no idea how much it means to us; we’ve been together for over four years and being separated would be horrible. Who knows what kind of a reckless, bumper-sticker-loving cretin I might end up with?! It’s bad enough ButMadNNW sticks these silly Disney antenna balls on me. [She’s joking; the CARDIS loves her antenna balls. ~ButMadNNW]

A little history, for those wondering: I was already living with my pilot for a year or two before she met the Doctor and realized I had a name. So no, she didn’t take me home because I happen to have the same paint job as that Time Lord’s vehicle – might be hard to see in that photo, but I do – that was just luck.

Personally, I can’t wait for my pilot to get a job. Not only do I know how hard this whole situation has been on her, I’m sick of sitting in garages or on driveways in all sorts of weather with no place to go! I’m a vehicle, hello! I’m meant to move!

In the meantime, ButMadNNW wanted me to let you know that she’s happy to take some more knitting commissions via the Donate button on the right of the screen. The threat of me being taken away is only one of the problems being faced down right now. So every little bit still helps. I’d offer to help her with all the knitting she now has lined up, but it’s hard to hold needles with tires.

What’s that, pilot? We have to run out and drop off some applications? Brilliant! *revs* Thank you all again, but I have to run! *purrs*

Breaking NYT News: Women cannot be geeks!

15 Apr

Okay, I’m a bit late to the ranting party, and there have already been many excellent blog posts about Ginia Bellafante’s New York Times review” of HBO’s production of Game of Thrones. My good friend Kristen McHugh said several things better than I could on her Tumblr, and GeekGirlDiva is aggregating related posts on her blog. Go check some of them out.

My main purpose in posting here is twofold: Continue reading

If you could pilot any vehicle, real or fictitious, what would it be? (via The Daily Post at WordPress.com)

12 Apr

The TARDIS, duh!

Why? Because it’s a time-traveling spaceship! Is any other reason needed? Oh, yeah, one other reason: it’s far bigger on the inside than on the outside.

So I could load ALL of my belongings into it, hop over to the UK, and move right on in. Live there for years, even decades, and return to the States (after all, I’d have to visit my family) five minutes ago. Not to mention visiting other planets; visiting other places on our own planet; or getting to talk to deceased people I admire, like Shakespeare, Milton Erickson, etc.

And no worries about affording the cost of living anywhere. I can either just live in the TARDIS itself, or go back in time a century or so, deposit a miniscule amount in a decent interest-earning account, and hop forward to collect my earnings.

ETA: Oh, forgot the most important reason: All that travel, with NO TSA!

Topic #97: If you could pilot any vehicle, what would it be? (F-35, Death Star, The Enterprise, an aircraft carrier, anything goes). Why? Where would you go? What would you do? Submitted by Adventurewriter’s Blog. … Read More

via The Daily Post at WordPress.com

On a special anniVersary

17 Mar

Five years ago today, my mother met me after work and we went out to see my coworker’s husband play a St. Patrick’s Day gig with his band. Realizing that we didn’t frequently get a chance to have a night out, just the two of us, Mom and I snuck out of the gig early. For lack of any better idea, we decided on seeing a film and I called the cinema to find out what was playing. I vaguely remembered seeing an ad for one of the titles, that it’d looked good, and it was opening that night, so we decided to see it.

The film was V for Vendetta.

Strange how such a small and seemingly random chain of events can utterly change the course of one’s life. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

5 Mar

Another prompt from The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow.

I had to laugh when I saw this week’s photo challenge, because a bunch of my Twitter friends participate in what we call Sunday Pics. Every week, our fearless leader @wombat37 (or one of his Minions) names a theme, and then we tweet photos to align with that theme, hashtagged with #sundaypics.

The reason I’m laughing is that @jamerz3294 recently hosted the event with the theme “Me and My Shadow”. So if you’d like to see my tweeps’ shadowy images, go check them out. I’ll post mine here after the jump. Continue reading

The cake is…

22 Jan

This being the Saturday after my birthday, I’d invited a bunch of friends to lunch. And I wanted cake for later. So on my actual birthday (Thursday), I went to the grocery store and ordered a cake.

This morning, I picked it up:

Finding Nemo Cake

Isn’t it cute? Yes, that is a Finding Nemo cake. Yes, I am a Disneyphile.

Stopping at home only long enough to leave the cake on the kitchen counter and pick up HousemateF, I went off for a very fun and very long (due to the kitchen losing our ticket, so without realizing it, we sat and gabbed for at least an hour before our chef came out) lunch with a wonderful group of geeky, fantastic friends. Including one who drove over from Wisconsin just to attend!

Back at home and debriefing HousemateM about the fun and gifts, I heard HF in the kitchen say, “Um… this isn’t the same cake?” On the counter, in the same spot, in a box from the same store, was sitting:

The cake is a lie!

HM lived up to his reputation as an Evil Genius. As soon as I’d ordered my cake, he called the store and ordered this one (I wish I could’ve heard that conversation!). As soon as he was sure we’d left for lunch, he went to pick it up. He hid my cake and left this one in its place.

In short, he gets major Housemate Points, Geek Points, and “Boy, does he know me” Points.

A crocheted Eleventh Doctor, a TARDIS tea mug, a Toon Town Online virtual party with Sister and Nephew, a gift certificate for “crack” (e.g. my favorite yarn store), a great lunch with great friends, etc. etc. etc. And this.

This has been a good birthday.

ETA: Just in case you don’t “get” the second cake, see here.

Darkness on the Edge of Town

23 Oct

About a month ago, Brian Keene, apparently replying to several Twitter followers who’d pointed it out, said something about yes, he knew that Amazon was offering the Kindle edition of Darkness on the Edge of Town for free and that he wasn’t promoting it because he hadn’t authorized the deal and wasn’t making any money from it. Fair enough.

I started following Keene on Twitter this past summer after CONvergence announced him as one of the 2011 Guests of Honor. For that matter, I followed all the GoHs who had Twitter accounts, to “get to know them” a bit before next summer’s CON. So in the spirit of that aim – and being the opportunistic poor person I am – I took advantage of the offer (yay for free Android apps!) to download my first-ever e-book and read Darkness.

Having just finished the book (what? I’m busy and a slow-ish reader), I have to say that if Amazon was hoping offering one of Keene’s books for free would inspire me to buy more, they chose the wrong book. (Minor spoilers ahead.)

Continue reading

The Culmination of Nine Months’ Geekery

12 Oct
My handiwork

My handiwork

Brief break from the breast cancer entries, as my supply of preloaded posts has run out and I can’t be bothered to throw one together for today. Instead, I’m just going to bask in the joy that nine months of work – shifting through seven colors, making my first tassels, clicking needles during cinema trips (seriously, reaching a level of competence where I could do this in the dark was a godsend!) – finally came to an end Sunday night, when I finished a massively geeky knitting project commissioned by my friend Leda.

Mr Baker in the original
Mr Baker in the original

The very best bit – and, I mean, my favorite bit – is that Leda is visiting the States next month and if all goes according to plan, I’ll get to hand-deliver this!

Much thanks to Witty Little Knitter and DoctorWhoScarf.com for pattern, guidance, yarn choice options, and general information. (For anyone who cares about such things: I can’t work in wool, so this is acrylic Vanna’s Choice yarn on size 10 circular needles.)

Fishing for a Cure with Big Fish Games

7 Oct

I still consider myself a gamer, though these days it’s hard to find time or excuse to sit all day on the computer with The Sims or an RPG (playing with Sister and Nephew in Toon Town Online aside). I’m more likely to be playing something from the ever-growing collection of so-called “casual games” over at the wonderful Big Fish Games.

Last October, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the S in their logo, usually portrayed by their fishBig Fish Games Breast Cancer Awareness Logoy mascot Felix, had been replaced with a pink ribbon and Felix was peeking out from behind the blue circle of the logo. This year’s logo is a bit different, but still so cute:

Also this year, Big Fish Games are aiming to raise some serious money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For $5, you’ll receive the “Help Felix Find A Cure Multimedia Package”, which includes 7 wallpapers, 4 screen savers, 11 avatar images, and “the power to change lives!” More impressively, the entire $5 donation goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Big Fish Games are promising a 25% matching donation, up to $25,000 if their goal of $100,000 is reached.

“A new game every day”, responsive customer service, excellent pricing, great games, and breast cancer research support. What more could I ask in my gaming?

When the Leaves Didn’t Fall

4 Oct

Now retired, my father has taken to writing down his mental collection of short stories – hunting anecdotes, old Native American tales, etc. It didn’t take long before he started being accepted for publication, knocking on their collective ear all the dire warnings about struggling, first-time writers and rejection letters. To be fair, Dad was a pastor for more than 30 years, writing what amounted to a multi-page essay (sermon) to deliver every Sunday morning; it’s not like he’s just started writing.

You might even blame him for the blog you’re reading now. Because Dad is “where I get it” – he’s largely responsible for my own love of language and precision grammar. From him I inherited the pet peeve regarding the near-constant misuse of “decimation” (for an example of correct usage, see Doctor Who – I knew I loved that show for a reason).

Dad’s blog is here, and his first story, “When the Leaves Didn’t Fall” – a Native American legend explaining why the oak tree retains its leaves late into winter – has been published in the Wilderness House Literary Review.


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