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Doctor-y thoughts

25 Aug

I know, I know. I haven’t posted anything here in a really long time, but I have a good excuse. Several good excuses, in fact, that include positives such as celebrating BIL’s Marine Corps retirement with my family at Disney World and new editing tasks from the Unk world and CONvergence and moving house, and negatives such as moving house and work instability and financial woes and general “someone please make the suckage stop, thanks”. In my absence from the Refuge, I’ve been accumulating various topics for posts, including a couple new MSG Reports; when or whether I’ll get to them, I cannot say right now.

But for the moment, I just want to dip into Fandom. If you’ve never seen or don’t care for Doctor Who, you may want to skip this and move on to watching cute kitten videos. So if you want to get up and leave now, no worries. I’ll wait.

….Okay, they’re gone. On with the squee.

A friend posted the excellent news that Matt Smith is slated (pending an actual contract, but my fingers are crossed – so ignore typos in this one, please) to continue in his role as the Eleventh Doctor until at least 2013. This prompted a discussion on said friend’s Facebook page that involves minor spoilers and in-references that are going behind a cut. Voilà: Continue reading


“I Remain Living”: Portal theme redux

11 Jul

As with most silliness these days, this began on Twitter, when I said, “Since I mentioned #portal: Someone at #cvg2010 was wearing a #thecakeisalie T-shirt. Made me grin lots.”

In reply, @fetfet50 said, “@ButMadNNW That is a triumph.” And from there, well, this happened:

Continue reading

Emotions: Highly illogical or backbone of logic?

19 May

There is something terribly wrong with me.

I’ve mentioned before how telling others about your goals can help you reach them, because you then have to meet their expectations and not just your own. Continue reading

Batman v. Superman

18 May

Whilst checking my e-mail at lunch, I saw that one of my friends had, as the LiveJournal email stated, “posted a new entry titled ‘Batman or Superman?’.” (The link doesn’t go to his LJ, because… well, why should it when there’s a non-LJ link to provide?)

I had such fun crafting my comment to GreyDuck’s entry (er, on LJ, backtracking on my own sentiment above) that I thought I’d share it over here: Continue reading

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