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On a special anniVersary

17 Mar

Five years ago today, my mother met me after work and we went out to see my coworker’s husband play a St. Patrick’s Day gig with his band. Realizing that we didn’t frequently get a chance to have a night out, just the two of us, Mom and I snuck out of the gig early. For lack of any better idea, we decided on seeing a film and I called the cinema to find out what was playing. I vaguely remembered seeing an ad for one of the titles, that it’d looked good, and it was opening that night, so we decided to see it.

The film was V for Vendetta.

Strange how such a small and seemingly random chain of events can utterly change the course of one’s life. Continue reading

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

8 Dec

I don’t really “do” New Year’s resolutions; there’s too much going on in December and January for me to think about adding yet another goal to my “to do” list. I’m more likely to resolve to make a change or learn a new skill sometime in the middle of the year. But regardless of when the resolution is made, you need determination and willpower to keep working on your goal after the first over-enthusiastic blush has faded.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for all sorts of change, because it works with your instincts to affect how you feel about the change. You know when it’s the middle of January and you’re mentally arguing with yourself about whether or not to eat that last slice of holiday pie? Just two weeks ago, you resolved this would be the year you finally lost weight, but it’s been a long day, the kids got on your last nerve, or you’re celebrating dealing with the last of the unwanted Christmas gift returns. This is all happening consciously, in your thinking brain.

When you hypnotically change the way you feel about gaining better health and slimness (as well as how you feel about the idea of sugar as a comfort or reward), you don’t have to try so hard to “be good”. It just happens; it feels right and natural to do so.

This year, Uncommon Knowledge (the masters in hypnosis downloads and helping people reach their goals) are giving away a bundle of hypnosis MP3s specially tailored to one lucky person’s New Year’s resolution (be it weight loss, stopping smoking, making more effort in your relationship, or whatever). All you have to do is fill out this two question survey. They’re also still offering a free download to new fans of their Facebook page, so get over there and hit that “Like” button, then the “free download” tab, to give their work a free trial.

Good luck!

Hypnosis In & Under Research

2 Oct

The Guardian website recently posted one of the better pieces on hypnosis I’ve read in the “mainstream” in recent years. After a fascinating discussion of hypnosis being used in research to reverse synaesthesia, the author goes on to talk about other recent research into hypnosis or using hypnosis. Several of his comments made me smile and inwardly go, “Yes! Someone spreading accurate info about hypnosis in the mainstream!” This was less surprising when, later in the blog/article, the author self-identified as a researcher studying hypnosis!

As I’ve said before, it’s a wonderful feeling when research backs up what you already knew. Or, in the case of a lot of the recent hypnosis research, what hypnotists and hypnotherapists (and their subjects) have known for centuries. Continue reading

Charity Hypnosis: Breastfeeding Relaxation

6 Jul

The wonderful folks at Uncommon Knowledge are at it again. After donating $200 to celiac research, they are now offering their Breastfeeding Relaxation program free to mums through the end of International Breastfeeding Week (August 7). And when you pay for it ($12.95, 90-day money back guarantee), the proceeds go to international breastfeeding charity La Leche League.

(As an aside, I still remember the blog entry when this particular program came out almost two years ago. Written by Lyndsay Elliott, wife of HypnosisDownloads.com/Uncommon Knowledge co-founder Roger, it has always made me giggle and think.)

Win/Win: Support celiac research/Get gluten-free diet help

28 May

(July 5 Update: As noted here, Uncommon Knowledge ended up donating $200 to the Maryland Center for Celiac Research. Way to go!)

This post is coming a bit late, but I’ve only recently learned that May, in addition to being Mental Health Awareness Month, is also Gluten-Free Awareness Month.

On Tuesday, Uncommon Knowledge officially released their new Stick to Your Gluten-Free Diet hypnosis download, an MP3 session designed to help celiacs and anyone else who needs or wants to follow a gluten-free/reduced gluten diet. The program is structured to boost your instinctive drive to avoid foods with gluten and to help you feel naturally driven to eat healthier, while also improving your feelings around having to stick to this special diet.

In addition, Unk are doing something incredible with this program. Continue reading

Racing for a Cure

9 May
Minneapolis Race for the Cure (5K Walk)

50,000+ strong

What a day!

HF and I were up by 5:45am to get to the Mall of America for the 2010 Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure (the 18th anniversary of the event). The 5K Walk wasn’t until 9:00am, but there was plenty to keep us busy until then. There was the aerobic warm-up led by Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders at 7:00am. There were numerous tents and booths, giving out everything from information to keychains to ribbon-shaped bagels to Yoplait yogurt. And we had to park so far out that by the time we walked all the swag out to the car to drop it off, walked back, walked around inside the Mall some, we figure we added another 5 miles to the “official” 3.1 miles of the Walk. Continue reading

Mental Health Awareness Month

1 May

I’ve just recently discovered that May is Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM). Just after this discovery, I thought this could be a good time to really get myself into a blogging routine: “I should do a daily post on something to do with mental health! After all, wasn’t I reading that great article only yesterday and wanting to blog on it?” Continue reading

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