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Collecting fireflies

23 May

If one wishes desperately – so desperately as to be willing to do or give up almost anything to fulfil the wish – to become a member of a certain group, then one should study said group, yes? Learn from them. Get to know them. Figure out how they became part of the group. Build a network linking oneself to the group. Continue reading

Whatevering to a different drummer

21 May

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” ~ Lao Tzu

In many ways, I function better with a soundtrack.

Almost from the moment I first climbed behind the wheel of a car (okay, after I gained enough competency to fool the state of Wisconsin into giving me a piece of plastic with my name and photo on it), I noticed that I am a better driver when there’s music playing. Continue reading

Relearning trust, cont.

20 May

Following on from the last post, an LJ friend just shared this link:

Five Ways to Ensure Mediocrity in Your Organization

Yup. I’ve worked there in the past.

Relearning trust

20 May

Abusive relationships leave scars. Whether or not the abuse was physical, thus leaving visible reminders, all abuse causes emotional scars. In some ways, these can be the harder recovery; they’re harder to see, harder to treat. The biggest, toughest scar to my mind is the damage caused to one’s ability to trust; it can poison all future relationships if not carefully addressed.

I’ve only recently realized that I am still recovering. Continue reading

Emotions: Highly illogical or backbone of logic?

19 May

There is something terribly wrong with me.

I’ve mentioned before how telling others about your goals can help you reach them, because you then have to meet their expectations and not just your own. Continue reading

Racing for a Cure

9 May
Minneapolis Race for the Cure (5K Walk)

50,000+ strong

What a day!

HF and I were up by 5:45am to get to the Mall of America for the 2010 Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure (the 18th anniversary of the event). The 5K Walk wasn’t until 9:00am, but there was plenty to keep us busy until then. There was the aerobic warm-up led by Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders at 7:00am. There were numerous tents and booths, giving out everything from information to keychains to ribbon-shaped bagels to Yoplait yogurt. And we had to park so far out that by the time we walked all the swag out to the car to drop it off, walked back, walked around inside the Mall some, we figure we added another 5 miles to the “official” 3.1 miles of the Walk. Continue reading

I’ve been (re)framed!

7 May

Okay, calm down, I haven’t been wrongly accused of any crime.

Reframing is a psychological technique. Put simply, it’s a way of shaking up a client’s worldview so that they can no longer think about their problem state (addiction, panic attack, etc.) in the same way; and thus, it begins to lose its grip on them. Continue reading

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

6 May

Here’s the thing: I’m halfway through what I hope will be a great post about a psychological shift I experienced yesterday. Continue reading

Fixing stupid and curing gay

3 May

…also known as two of the Impossible Things one might believe of a morning.

This morning, I noted that my Brit Tweeps’ feathers were ruffled over the news that one Philippa Stroud, a “rising Tory star” and prospective Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), was the founder of a UK church that attempted to cure homosexuals by praying away the demons that possessed them. This evening, I watched the latest episode of House, in which the patient turned out to have undergone conversion therapy to cure his homosexuality a while before he met the woman he was in the process of marrying when he collapsed and ended up at Princeton-Plainsboro. Continue reading

Staying sane in insane situations

2 May

I did have a Very Serious™ psychology-related topic about which I was going to post today, but then I got completely distracted watching YouTube videos of dancing soldiers Continue reading

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