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Sugar Embargo: The Retrospective

28 Apr

Anyone remember me saying I was giving up sugar for Lent?


Okay, so this post is late. Easter is more than three weeks past, and lo, was the Cadbury Mini-Creme Egg massacre mighty that week. Continue reading

Sugar embargo, Day 2

18 Feb

Last night, I did a 20-minute elliptical routine, rewarding myself with the promised cup (an actual cup – I measured) of chocolate milk. The milk I drink, by the by, is Over the Moon – fat-free, but with extra calcium and protein added. Their hype is true; somehow, they made it taste much richer than fat-free has any right to taste. Highly recommended. (And as an aside, watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson makes exercise much more entertaining.)

The mini-cupcakes in the kitchen were successfully glared down, I had no additional fruit, but I did indulge in a second travel mug of Earl Grey sans sugar. Continue reading

No sweets for you!

17 Feb

Yesterday being Shrove/Fat Tuesday, a lot of my tweeps were discussing giving up things for Lent. This frankly came as a surprise to me, as I don’t think a single one of them is Christian – or even religious. Still, I suppose it’s the thought? Outside motivation?

They inspired me. Continue reading

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