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Would You Stop Acting Your Age? (via Health and Humor)

27 Feb

Reblogging an awesome post that reflects a lot of my own thoughts as a 32-year-old woman who unapologetically loves Disneyland, watches cartoons, and plays with my 11-year-old nephew.

Also put me in mind of the research conducted by psychologist Ellen Langer where she put a group of elderly men in an isolated house decorated in a style from twenty years earlier. The men were instructed to act as though the date was that time, twenty years ago. As described here, the men’s health – both physical and mental – markedly improved after only a week!

“You’re only as old as you feel.”  That saying has been around a lot longer than any of us.  It’s a statement of rebellion against time and the effect it has on us all.  It’s a refusal to give in.  It’s an excuse for not acting our age.  And why should we?  After all, age is just a number – does it have to be a state of mind? A few days ago my grandson was being pretty silly, making noises and just generally acting up.  I finally looked at him an … Read More

via Health and Humor

Edited to add: This is a fantastic quote!:

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